Nargiz Mammadzada

About Me

Nargiz Mammadzada, born in 1997 in Baku, Azerbaijan, lived there until 2021. In that year, she moved to Poland to pursue her Master's Degree, successfully graduating in 2023. Currently dedicated to furthering her expertise, she is actively engaged in the pursuit of a Diploma in Journalism at NCTJ.

In the field of sports journalism, Nargiz holds the position of Head of the Sports Section at Empoword Journalism. Contributing her insights to the football landscape, she serves as a valued contributing football writer for and powered by FanSided and the Italian Football Websites Foot Italia and The Cult of Calcio.

Nargiz's written contributions extend across various publications, including but not limited to Life Lovers Magazine, ENGin Platform,,, The DG Sentinel, The Magger and more.